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About Us

Welcome to Adamson Spa & Salon. Located in the centre of downtown Norval, in a beautiful Victorian-era house, built in 1907. Upon entering, you will be welcomed into an elegant and cozy retreat, staffed by our friendly professionals that encourage Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Results.

Choose from a complete menu of Day-Spa, Medi-Spa and Salon services, offering a variety of advanced body, skin and hair care treatments. Every service is completely customized to your individual needs and for your satisfaction.

Being environmentally conscious of our industry, we carefully select our product lines with a focus on natural, proven ingredients that are manufactured sustainably. 

Experience the difference at our down-to-earth, friendly, and luxurious retreat!

Adamson Spa and Salon is a chic mid-country neighbourhood retreat offering health-conscious women and men full-menu spa and salon services. Since 1996, men and women alike have relied on Adamson Spa and Salon’s commitment to providing high-quality face, body and hair treatments that can be maintained at home, in-between visits.

At Adamson, family comes first. That’s why you’ll be treated like a member of our extended family, not like a number. We want to get to know you, understand your needs and work to ensure your experience with us meets your expectations, and ours.

Our goal is to help you recover from life’s demands and the harmful symptoms of prolonged stress, overwork and aging through taking care of your body, hair and skin needs.

The body has an innate intelligence and an amazing capacity to repair and restore itself. This capacity can be enhanced with the right intervention at Adamson Spa and Salon with our personalized services.

Our Building’s History

At the Adamson Spa & Salon facility, set in a Victorian-era house built in 1907, you will find a cozy and unique environment staffed with friendly professionals that encourage relaxation, rejuvenation and results. But the history of our building and our community go back to the early times in Canada’s settlement.

James McNab was the first settler in Norval, Ontario. McNab was a Lieutenant at the Battle of Queenston Heights during the War of 1812. McNab was a United Empire Loyalist. He arrived from Vermont in 1820 with his wife and children. He set up a grist mill and sawmill on the Credit River.

In 1846, the settlement had a population of about 200 inhabitants, served by two churches, various tradesmen, the grist mill and an oatmeal mill, a distillery, two stores and a tavern. It was the main stop on the stagecoach ride from Guelph to Toronto.

The Mississauga native Canadians once lived on these lands, which they ceded to the Crown in 1818. By 1827 a village had developed around the McNab grist and flour mills on the credit river, which become Norval in 1936 with the advent of a Post Office

Author Lucy Maud Montgomery, who wrote the Anne of Green series, lived in Norval from 1926 to 1935. In her journal, Montgomery expressed her appreciation for the village’s natural beauty, and declared, “I love Norval as I have never loved any place save Cavendish [Prince Edward Island]. It is as if I had known it all my life”.

  • 1907 Farmers bank
  • 1910 Scotia Bank
  • 1930 it became a butcher and grocery until
  • 1946 it was a corner store
  • Then for the next 50 years it was an art gallery, a fresh market and again, a corner store.
  • 1996 to present – Adamson Spa and Salon. Celebrating our 27th year!